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In memoriam

Sadly, Apple co-founder and chairman Steve Jobs died today after a years long battle with pancreatic cancer. His family released a heart breaking statement saying, in part, that “Steve died peacefully.” He was 56.

Jobs took his third and final leave of absence from Apple back in January and resigned as CEO in August as he was known to be gravely ill. He was most often described as a visionary, but insiders also knew him as a caring technologist who was set on changing the world. Mission accomplished. To most, Steve Jobs will be remembered as the business icon who changed the way we experience and enjoy life. What a wonderful legacy to leave behind.

It’s an incredibly sad day for the millions of people impacted by Jobs’s iconic products and inspirational leadership. His family bears the greatest loss of a husband and father to four. Steve Jobs was a once in a generation mind and he left us far too soon.

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Steven Paul Jobs

1955 – 2011

Technologist, Visionary, iCon.