The Gluckmmandments of Business

In my over 15 years as an entrepreneur I’ve had the great fortune of being surrounded by incredible people and experiencing incredible things. I have the most extraordinary mentor in my Dad, Adrian Gluck, and I’ve learned other important lessons from the business greats like Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, and Warren Buffett.

On my journey, business has shown me amazing successes and painful failures. I wouldn’t change any of it. As Winston Churchill said, “Success is going from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.” My enthusiasm has never been greater and through it all I’ve evolved into the entrepreneur I am today – a thoughtful, confident, focused individual who is determined to change the world.

As I’ve benefited so tremendously from other people’s generosity in helping me grow, it’s only right that I pass it forward. I believe that one of the core responsibilities of an entrepreneur is to help others achieve their dreams as well. And so here I offer my fundamentals of business – some original and others adopted from the greats – that I’ve collected over the years and practice every day. They serve as my guiding light in the darkest of days and brightest of opportunities. I hope they can serve you too.


Follow your passion.


Be expert at what you do.


Chase perfection, catch excellence.


Exude passion.


Define a vision and don’t lose sight of it.


Be a master communicator.


Systematize everything.


Continuously improve.


Drive efficiency through technology.


Create a truly differentiated product.


Be patient.


Be a student of success.


Find the root cause of a problem and the solution will reveal itself.


Believe you can change the world.


Help improve society along the way.


Create a compelling story.


Give first.


Act with gravitas.


Be the leader they need you to be.


Make evidence-based decisions.


Build a dream team of complements.


Be generous with equity, perks, and rewards.


Give your team the tools they need to succeed.


Build a company culture that inspires.


Foster an atmosphere of trust.


Collaborate on everything.


Empower one ultimate decision maker.


Don’t let lawyers lead you astray.


Always be on the lookout for talent.


Organize, rinse, repeat.


Enjoy the journey.


Celebrate the wins.


Don’t ever lie, but don’t be a purist either.


Take vacation seriously.




Plan for things to take 2-3 times longer than they should.


Don’t let others’ incompetence hold you back.


Survive on cash flow, grow on profits.


Persist past the point of polite.


Have empathy.


Find the right balance in everything.


Be bold.


Stay focused.


Practice perspective.


Don’t let “reality” get in the way.


Embrace problems and master the art of solving them.


Pivot relentlessly.


Innovate always.


Protect your innovations.


Don’t “sell,” have a conversation.


Make the difference in the details.


Radiate positivity.


Praise often, correct immediately.


Hire slow, fire fast.


Market like you mean it.


Fall in love with failure.





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